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What Is A Monitor Shelf? Buying Guide

A monitor shelf is an ergonomic desk accessory that raises your monitor to an ergonomic height for easier viewing, helping alleviate eye, neck, and back discomfort as well as optimizing workspace efficiency.

Adjustable Height

Monitor risers are simple mounts for your computer screen that raise it ergonomically comfortable levels, enabling you to work without straining neck or shoulder muscles and freeing up space on your desk for other things. Installing one requires some technical knowledge, though you may be able to install it yourself following instructions carefully. Furthermore, brackets can also be used to secure other devices like printers or players to the riser mount.

Monitor Shelf

Space Saving

Monitor risers not only look stylish, but they can help make your desk more organized by giving everything its place. Plus, they double as storage space if necessary!


Monitor shelves (also called monitor mounts) are an increasingly popular desk accessory that can do several things for you. From raising your monitor to ergonomic heights to providing additional concealed storage space and increasing desk aesthetics; all the way to helping with eye strain, WMSDs or neck pain relief!

Monitor shelves can offer you with additional ergonomic benefits compared to factory monitor stands that don’t allow height adjustments. Tilting, swivel and rotation adjustments allow for more precision when positioning the screen in relation to your eyes and reduce strain on neck, back shoulders and wrists.

To adjust arm swing, locate the hex bolt on the swivel bracket and use an Allen Wrench to turn it counter-clockwise to reduce tension before clockwise again to tighten it back up again. Repeat to rotate or tilt monitor. Having control over screen positioning can greatly enhance workflow when working collaboratively on projects.

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