The Ultimate Sports Guides

Sports is a global industry that generates billions of dollars in revenue. Billions are spent on teams, games and equipment.

You’ll never be left wondering what’s on again when guests ask, or fumble through the clunky TV guides on screen or newspapers. Use to instantly view every game playing today and upcoming, filtered by your location and program providers.

Easy To Read

Sports Guide makes it easy to read every game on each channel. No more fumbling with clunky on-screen TV guides or flipping through newspapers to find the game your guests want to see.

You can choose your favorite/preferred team and it will appear in bold at the top of the Guide. This way, you won’t miss their games. You can also look at a specific date range, so your staff knows what’s coming up and you can plan your schedule.

You can even print your Guide in an easy-to-read format, so you can stash a copy behind the bar, at the hostess stand or wherever you change the stations for quick reference for your staff. Whether you have pro, college & high school sports, PPV or Internet-only streams, it’s all listed. You can even search by team or sport. And, we’ve got you covered when it comes to equestrian, cricket and watersports. This is a great opportunity to show your guests that you are serious about showing the games they want to see. Let your guests know that you are serious about showing them the games they want.


If you work in a bar, restaurant or other establishment that has more than one program provider, you can customize the Sports Guide to show only your favorite channels and events. Enter your channel number and the system displays all the matches available.

We let you choose your favorite teams. They’ll be highlighted in bold type and appear at the top. You can also view your Guide by Time and Sport, so you can easily find the games that you and your guests are most interested in.

You and your team will receive a link daily to your customized Guide via email. This means you won’t need to remember another password or another app. The Guide is available on all operating systems, browsers and device types. So your staff can use it from anywhere.

The Guide lists not only the major pro games, but also alternate content, such as international matches and PPV events. It also lists college, high-school and obscure sports. It’s the only app that does it all!

The Sports Guide is a great way to provide guests with a list of all the games that you can broadcast. And the app is easy to set up and manage, with no complex configurations or complicated log-in requirements. Start the free trial and enter your bar’s channels and program providers names. Plus, the app is super easy to print, so you can stow a copy behind the bar, in the hostess stand or at your entertainment station — wherever you change the TV stations. You can even embed a widget of your custom Sports Guide on your website so it’s available for your guests to find online. Start your free trial of Sports Guide today!

Amazing Alternate Content

Sports is a global industry and billions of dollar are spent on professional events and teams. However, not everyone cares about football, baseball, soccer or hockey. That’s why we make sure you have listings for amazing alternate content like international matches, PPV events and internet-only streams. You’ll find listings for even obscure sports like cricket and watersports! Sports Guide is your playbook for the ever-changing world of legal and secure sports streaming. You’ll receive your Sports TV Guide link once a day. It will be customized to your location and your program providers. No passwords needed!

Daily Email

Creating an engaging newsletter may not be at the top of your priority list, but it can be one of the most important things you do to grow your sports organization. With the right strategies, you can turn leads and clients into paying customers and loyal clients into lifelong members.

Whether you are an established sports organization or a newbie, the best way to get the word out about your team is through email. A newsletter can keep fans informed about the latest events, and promote merchandise, ticket sales, and other events. Creating a newsletter isn’t difficult, but it does require some time and effort.

Start by determining how your sports newsletter will stand out from the rest. Focus on your niche, whether it’s behind the scenes content, in-depth analyses, or highlighting sports that are underrepresented, to build trust and engagement among your readers. Choosing the right template is also key. Find a design that reflects your brand’s style and tone, and make sure it is compatible with the major email programs.

The subject line is another important factor in the success of your sports newsletter. It is important to use this space well. A compelling subject will encourage your readership to open your newsletter. It’s sometimes better to create an urgency, and other times it’s more effective for your reader to peak their curiosity. Using emojis is another great way to achieve this.

Once you’ve decided on your theme and design, it’s time for you to choose a platform which can support your daily production. Look for templates with a variety in content formats and styles, and that are easy to customize. Choose a platform which allows you to schedule daily searches for keywords and content that you want to include in the newsletter. For example, you can set a daily search that will capture all the new content from last night’s games and compile it into your newsletter at a time of day when your audience is most active online.

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