Mystic Arts Cinemas 3 Brings Independent Movies to Eastern Connecticut

Eastern Connecticut is full of movies theatres, from the Lisbon Landing 12, the Regal Cinemas in Waterford, Connecticut, and others, but for independent or award contending pictures, the Mystic Arts Theatre in Mystic, Connecticut may be the best place to go.

The movie theatre lies right off of 1-95 and near the Mystic Aquarium, and may hard to see right away because of the absence of flashy signs or billboards that can be seen at other theatres. It is actually a part of the rustic Olde Mystic Village that features a lot of other shops and places to eat while you are visiting Mystic.

Upon entering the theatre’s lobby, you will posters of the movie that are playing. One of the best parts about this theatre is their selection. You usually will not find big hits like Transformers or Spiderman, but smaller titles like No Country For Old Men or Juno. Most of the time, these movies premiere here before arriving at any part, or at all, in Eastern Connecticut.

The prices are reasonable compared to any other theatre, $9.00 for evening showings and $6.00 for matinees. They also offer discounts for seniors and Children, but there are not too many children’s movies that play here. In some cases, a movie may cost a lot for them to show, and the matinee fee is waived, making all showings $9.00, so make sure that you call before seeing a showing. You can experience the same thrill while playing simple and interactive games at สมัคร ufabet.

The theatre is nice for its old fashioned style, but one thing that it needs to upgrade is the cash register. With most people carrying cards instead of cash these days, it is a pain that the theatre only accepts cash. There is a bank within walking distance, but if you are not a member, you could end up paying five dollars in ATM fees to retrieve money and that is almost the price of the movie.

The theaters themselves are not stadium seating, but everything offers great views of the large screens. The screens are clear and crisp and the theatres are nicely sized. Before the movie begins, there are no advertisements or on-slaught of commercials, so the movie begins after four or five previews. The interludes between the previews seem like they are from the 1970s and add a nice nostalgic feel to the movie experience.

Overall, the theatre is great experience and perfect for seeing independent releases and movies you cannot find at the megaplex. Other than not allowing credit card payment, the prices and atmosphere are all worth it.

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