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Headpieces of flowers an essential accessory in the wedding season Whether we talk about day weddings or evening or evening weddings we can include in our guest look a floral headdress, especially if you live in Seville and surroundings where wedding guests do not skimp when it comes to putting on their headdress or hat. In La Casa del Tocado we offer you a varied collection of fabric flowers of various types: velvet, silk, polyester and other fabrics. If you want a headdress or hair accessory with spring air you can not miss our collection of headdresses or you can also do it yourself buying the materials for headdresses separately. You already know the structure of a headdress: support, base and decoration. Within the latter you can find flowers for headdresses as well as other materials with which to decorate your headdress. Headpieces of flowers for all The headdresses of flowers are suitable for any guest, either high or low, or have the facial structure that you have since the size of the flower headdresses can be adapted to each one of us.