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La Casa del Tocado was born in 2013 with the idea of ​​selling materials for headdresses since it is very important that when choosing your headdresses for weddings take into account the complete look you are going to wear as a guest, if you wear a floral dress your headdress should be more discreet and if you have chosen a plain dress, you can make your wedding dresses more striking. It is essential to wear a hair accessory that the wedding is tomorrow, because if the wedding is late the headdress has to be discreet and above all small. The headgear is one of the most important wedding accessories so in La Casa del Tocado we give a lot of importance to the quality of the products that should be maximum when choosing the materials for headdresses as this will result in a glamorous headdress and elegant. It is necessary that the bases of sinamay and other materials are well prepared and perfectly dyed and that the fabric with which the fabric flowers are made is extraordinary and of high quality. Today we do not conceive a wedding guest who does not wear a hair accessory, so we must not forget that at La Casa del Tocado, in addition to selling materials for headdresses we also offer you the possibility to assemble your headdress, that is, customize you played at the best price, in addition to having standard and personalized headgear rental service. You can ask for prices without obligation. The headgear for weddings can have many shapes and styles so you should look for the one that best suits you depending on the shape of your face and body. For example, if you are short you can decorate your headdress with raised feathers that will stylize your figure, in this case the base type cap will be ideal because it will also give you height.