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Politics of Privacy

Information right

To the effects of the foreseen in the protection Constitutional law of Information of personal character, Marta Mederos Pulido reports of the existence of an automated file of information of personal character created by Marta Mederos Pulido and under its responsibility for the purpose of realizing the maintenance and management of the relation with the petitioners of information or clients who have gained access across the electronic forms of this place or by means of e-mail messages. The above-mentioned file has been inscribed in the protection Agency of Information.


The information that you facilitate to Marta Mederos Pulido takes as a purpose to manage its request, to facilitate to him the information and/or services that it requests and to be able to offer him new services.

Assent of the user

The use of the mentioned forms, as well as the mailing of an e-mail of consultation, supposes the assent of the sender to the automated treatment of the information included in the stated mass media. The information will not be transferred to third. Except in the fields in which definitely the opposite is indicated, the delivery of information needed on personal details will have the volunteer's character, without the denial to facilitate the above mentioned information involving a decrease in the quantity and quality of the services that you request. The absence of cumplimentación of the fields determined like obligatory or the supply of incorrect information will disable that Marta Mederos Pulido could give him the services that it selects, manage its request or send the requested information.

Access right

He will be able to exercise its right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the treatment of its personal details, in the terms and conditions foreseen in the proper LOPD. For its biggest serviceability, also he will be able to exercise the rights of earlier mentioned going to the following mail address electró Marta Mederos Pulido does not use tactics of "Spaming", and neither the users remain registered by a mere visit to our Web page. Marta Mederos Pulido just will treat the information that the user communicates to us by means of e-mail, or on having found out on our professional services. 


Marta Mederos Pulido maintains the levels of protection safety of its information in accordance with the arranged in the protection Constitutional law of Information of Personal Character 15/99 of December 13 and the royal decree 1720/2007 relative to the accident control measures of the automated files that contain information of personal character and puts all the technical means to its scope to avoid the loss, bad use, alteration, not authorized use and theft of the information that you facilitate to Marta Mederos Pulido, without detriment of informing him that the accident control measures in Internet are not unassailable. With regard to any topic relative to the protection of information of personal character, it can get in touch with us by means of our e-mail address