Holding your headdres

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Elastic round Golden. Cutting of 1 meter.

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1mt of white elastic, 1mm wide
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metalic headband, 4mm of width

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Plastic ornamental comb, 6.5cm width, transparent

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metal comb, 6.5 cm wide, silver

To be able to wear your headdress with elegance it is necessary to put a suitable type of support, fundamentally so that you do not fall and do not mind wearing it. Each of the headdresses and hats needs a kind of restraint. The wedding hats with high crown in most cases do not need support because they fit in the head and that's it. The wedding hats of short crowns, of about 5-6 cm or less, need support because the crown is too low to be placed on the head.

As for the subject of headdresses, we must bear in mind that the bases for headdresses have many shapes and sizes so that each of the bases of headdresses will be better one type of subjection or another.

There are many types of restraint but the classic ones are: headband, comb and elastic. You can also place two clips on the sides of the headdress base to hold your headdress with hairpins. The headband to hold your headdress can be fine and place it between the hair so it can not be seen. The combs can be metallic or plastic.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items